Best Budget Gaming PC 36 K

Best Budget Gaming PC 36 K

Hello Friends to the site khangamer.inToday we are going to discuss about the thing which will help us in our gaming experience.

We are talking about a Gaming PC. If you want to buy or thinking about a gaming PC then this information would be very beneficial for you. You can buy this product via online or offline as per your conveniemce. The Cost would come around 36000, excluding monitors cost. If you don't know how to assemble the products then you can watch the related videos available on youtube.

This are the products which will help to build a proper gaming PC.

1- Processor - 

For making good & better gaming pc, we will require an high processor. So for this, you can buy Intel I3 7100 Processor. It's a good processor, it's from Intel I3 7th generation which is good for the pc.
You can buy this processor at 8610 Rs which available on Amazon.
Budget | Gaming PC under 40,000 Rs
Intel Processor | khangamer

2 Motherboard - 

We are using Intel' I3 processor so for making it run smoothly we have to use motherboard of 7th generation . You can purchase Gigabyte GA - H110M-S2 which will cost around 4177 Rs on Amazon. I didn't come across any better motherboard than this, that's why it's in the list. This motherboard will help for better gaming experience.

Budget | Gaming PC under 40,000 Rs
Gigabyte Motherboard | khangamer

3 - Graphic Card

If we ate talking about the Gaming PC, then Graphic Card Plays an Crucial part for making a better & best gaming experience. Without a graphic card you wont get any fun. We have selected GeForce GT1030 which will cost around 7200 on Amazon.

Budget | Gaming PC under 40,000 Rs
GT 1030 | khangamer

4 Ram

Here we are using Ram of 8 GB from Hyper. Ram of 8 GB will give better gaming experience & it won't leak in between of any game. Price of 8 GB Ram is 7620 on Amazon

Budget | Gaming PC under 40,000 Rs
Hyper 8 GB RAM | khangamer

5 Hard Drive - 

Here we are using Hard Drive of Seagate New Barracuda 1TB & 64 MB cache. It is available on Amazon at 3245.

Budget | Gaming PC under 40,000 Rs
Seagate 1 TB Hard Drive | khangamer

6 Cabinet

If you are planning to buy gaming PC then its also necessary that you have a good cabinet. It's optional but you can purchase Corsair Carbide Series 100R CC-9011075-WW Black Stell, which is available on amazon at 2999
Budget | Gaming PC under 40,000 Rs
Corsair Cabinet | khangamer

7 Power Supply - 

Here we are using power supply of Corsair V5450 450-Walt Power Supply which is available on Amzon at 2480
Budget | Gaming PC under 40,000 Rs
Corsar Power Supply | khangamer

So guys this is the part which is necessary to make a proper gaming pc  at reasonable price. If you play GTA V then it will run on 60 FTP, there are also many latest games which you can play over it.

If you purchase a only gaming console which will cost you around 32000. But you play only game on their. But if you buy a gaming pc then you can perform every tasks which you do on normal pc such as office works & you can also play game on their.
So I'll recommend you to buy a gaming pc.
I'll provide you with all the links of products which you can buy from Amazon.

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