Top 5 Best Android Game

Top 5 Best Android Game

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Today we will discuss about the Top 5 Best Android Game.
So here we starts..

1. Candy Crush 

Candy crush is one of the most downloaded game ever. Till now, this game has been downloaded by 500 million plus times.

Top 5 Best Android Game All Time
Candy Crash | khangamer
This game was launched in the year 2012. People prefer to play it while traveling. The game is old but still people likes this game very much.

2. Clash Of Clans 

Top 5 Best Android Game All Time
Clash of clans | khangamer
Clash Of Clans, about this game i have written i have already posted the article which comprises all the details like how to play it & all. So keep visit the post.
Visit my article to know about Clash Of Clans

3.Teen Patti

Top 5 Best Android Game All Time
Teen Patti | khangamer
Teen Patti This Game is mostly being played by people from 13 years of age to 60 years of age. You must have seen many people play this game. Since many years, this game is entertaining many people

4. 8 Ball Pool

Top 5 Best Android Game All Time
8 Ball Pool | khangamer
8 Ball Pool has been downloaded by more than 1 million times. Graphics of this game is very interesting. You can hardly stop playing this game, because it's so amazing & interesting. You can also play this game while linking your account with facebook.

5.Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia

Top 5 Best Android Game All Time
Mini Militia
In 2011, Mini Militia was launched. This game is one of the famous games among youth. This game took some time to make his name in the start but eventually it turned out to be most played by youngsters. We can play this game while forming a group or you can also play as an individual. There's a time limit in the game, you have to score high to win the game. Whoever scores high, that individual or group will termed as an winner.

So Guys, this is Top 5 Best Android Game available in Play Store.
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