Top 11 game No need graphic card i3 processor with Benchmark

Top 11 game No need graphic card i3 processor with BenchmarkHello, gamer welcome your on Today we have listed some games that you can play up to 30 fps without a graphic card with integrated graphic We have also put a benchmark in it, by which you will get an idea that if you purchase those games then how will that game perform in your system You may have some game in the list, even before we had listed, but till now we have brought a new game list this time All these games will play but you should have more processor than Intel i3 4th Gen like i3 5th generation.
GTA IV Who does not like GTA 4 is one of the same, but this game was not very popular like Gata Vice City and Gata Sun Andreas But if you play this game then you will have a good time pass, its graphic is also very good Only after this did GTA 5 come, but in this game,you will get to see the liberty city like we always get to see a complete map in GTA And this game is an n world, you will have a lot of fun…
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